CNC was established in 2002 to help our government and commercial clients adopt and implement advanced transformational IT and Internet technologies. We also help our clients streamline operations, improve information sharing and transparency, enhance productivity, and provide better service to their user communities.


CNC offers innovative IT solutions and consulting services to solve mission and business problems. From  assisting with mission-critical systems to implementing new approaches to IT governance, CNC delivers lasting results. And to help our clients stay ready, CNC provides clients with access to the latest technologies and solutions.


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2 Case Study 02
3 Case Study 03
4 Case Study 04
5 Case Study 05
6 Case Study 06
7 Case Study 07
8 Case Study 08
9 Case Study 09
10 Case Study 10


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Converge Networks Corporation

3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700

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CNC continues a rapid ascent to become a highly successful and diversified company providing the best breed of IT services and  management consulting. CNC also intends to grow a substantial portfolio of highly specialized products and methodologies.

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