CNC is developing a portfolio of Federal, State & Local and commercial contracts including GWACs and BPAs with major agencies. The list below includes CNC prime contracts and subcontracts.


CNC Prime Contracts

  1. NIH CIO-SP3 Small Business contract number HHSN316201200123W effective 7/15/2012, expires 7/14/2022

  2. Project Management Support BPA with the Department of the Interior, Contract # D14PA00010, POP: 2/18/2014-2/17/2019.

  3. PBGC NES contract for non-engineering IT support services including program policies and planning, infrastructure planning, and governance planning and operations integration. Duration of 5 years, effective 7/19/2011.

  4. GSA TAASS BPA, Number GS00Q11NSA0042, 5 years, $125M, support for telecommunications infrastructure initiatives, based on both of CNC's GSA schedules 70 and MOBIS shown below, expires 5/19/2016

  5. GSA IT Schedule 70, contract number GS-35F-0428R, effective 3/18/10 (2nd iteration)

  6. GSA MOBIS Schedule 874, contract number GS-10F-0292V, effective 8/14/09

  7. FAA eFAST MOA, contract number DTFAWA10A-00034, effective 10/1/09, expires 9/30/19

  8. Navy Seaport-e, contract number N00178-08-D-5385, effective 5/29/09

  9. Maryland CATS II, contract number 265735, effective 5/27/09

  10. Commercial contract with a Fortune 100 financial organization (3rd iteration)

  11. NIH ECS III, contract number HHSN263999900468I, effective 11/26/02, expires 5/9/15



  • NIH CIOSP3 Large Business

  • FDA ICT21 (sub to CSC)









Notes Area
CNC continues a rapid ascent to become a highly successful and diversified company providing the best breed of IT services and  management consulting. CNC also intends to grow a substantial portfolio of highly specialized products and methodologies.

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