• CNC strategy, planning, and deployment support services include Cloud Computing, IT Mobility, Biometrics, Security and Compliance, Web Content Management Systems, Web and Video Conferencing, Virtualization, Software Defined Networks, Software Defined Data Centers, Analytics and Big Data, and Business Intelligence. For additional information, please contact Greg West at 240-207-2150.

  • Making cost cutting decisions on federal programs requires the ability to efficiently synthesize an overwhelming amount of information.  This requires a hierarchy of information that spans data, information, knowledge, and analytics.  Compounded with increasing expectations of performance and the speed at which decisions must be made, the potential exists for disastrous decisions -- unless a proven methodology is applied. The CNC Portfolio, Program and Project Performance Assessment (P4A) methodology has successfully helped decision makers conquer similar challenges on over 50 engagements. For additional information, please click on "P4A Methodology" or contact Andy Bove at 240-207-2150.

  • CNC clients use our experience and staff for acquisition support services. CNC experts define, generate, integrate, and execute programmatic and technical plans, analyses, reports, and baseline documentation needed to progress through the acquisition life-cycle phases. CNC also helps develop acquisition strategies through concept development, requirements definition and analysis, technology readiness assessment, contracting, systems engineering, test evaluation, and sustainment activities. For additional information, please contact Jim Ackermann at 240-207-2150.

  • CNC wins a 5-year $30M project management support BPA with the Department of the Interior. Period of performance is 2/18/2014-2/17/2019. For additional information and teaming with CNC, please contact Greg West at 240-207-2150.

  • CNC is a NIH CIO-SP3 Small Business prime contractor. Please click on "CIO-SP3 SB" to access information on the CNC NITAAC CIO-SP3 SB contract vehicle. For additional information and teaming with CNC, please contact Greg West at 240-207-2150.

  • CNC provides a full range of IT Mobility and MDM solutions and services. Please click on "CNC Mobility Overview" for information on our mobility solutions. For additional information and to meet with CNC, please contact Greg West at 240-207-2150.


Cloud and


In the new cloud and mobility environment, the workforce is rapidly exploiting the benefits of mobility and cloud computing. The workforce is rapidly becoming mobile, capable of working anywhere and anytime, skillful in using social media, and knowledgeable about a wide range of cyber matters.

CNC is committed to helping our clients transition securely and efficiently to the cloud and adoption of IT mobility. Our solutions include IT Mobility, MDM services, Cloud Migration, Cloud Brokerage and Exchange, Cyber-security, Shared IT Services, and IP Convergence.

And to maintain our competitive advantage, CNC teams with small and large best-in-class businesses to complement our business strategy and offer our clients transformational and cost reducing solutions.

Tony Ghazi



Cloud Future

of Applications

The use of cloud computing is obviously growing rapidly. Cloud computing is fast becoming the bulk of IT spending.  Cloud adoption is originating with enterprises seeking cost effective ways to provide IT services, decrease time to market, and increase agility in rendering services.

The public IT cloud services market is expected to grow at an annual rate of approx. 25% a year between now and 2017, five times greater than the growth rate of the entire IT industry.  Additionally, cloud spending is expected to propel about 20% of IT spending in such areas as system infrastructure software and servers.

While current focus on cost is driving the ongoing infrastructure based change, future growth will most likely shift in favor of applications and will originate in the re-engineering and migration of legacy applications. Application cloud migration will be where the value lies and where cloud migration work will need to be done to take advantage of the fairly low cost cloud infrastructure.

Andy Bove

Senior Vice President

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CNC routinely examines our operations. Our management scrutinizes the quality of our services to ensure they are valuable to our customers. We also conduct customer satisfaction surveys. And we always listen to what’s being said about our reputation and performance.

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CNC partners with agency officials by being open and cooperative. Additionally, our senior staff are routinely offering best practices that help agencies carry out their operations more efficiently. 

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